Last night something happened that I can’t hardly describe. I was thoroughly entertained by my home team. It was an outstanding showing by a group of young guys showing New York how scoring is done.

First professional snap for Cam Newton 

We scored 20 offensive points against their 3. Yeah they have another 7 on an interception early but the Giants struggled on offence. We however were creative and explosive. I never could predict what play was next.

The tailgate was fun as always. The crowds were small but the fellowship was real and the food was good. I did wings and thighs slow cooked. I brought 52 wings and 16 thighs and took home just four thighs.

We didn’t have the RV this time so I provided the music which was piped in on my iPhone via the Internet and hooked to an old set of computer speakers. We listened to Mongoose Radio, a classic rock station out of St Croix.

This morning I am hoarse like the old days from yelling with joy.  

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Unknown said...

Never underestimate joy.