A Bacon Breakthrough!

Sunday morning, as most weekends I indulge in bacon with my breakfast. As usual, I am an oven cooker of bacon and tossed in 6 strips for Gigi, me and the dogs. The simplicity and outcome far outweighs the effort of standing over frying pan constantly turning the bacon.

This particular morning instead of tossing my bacon in a 350 oven, I tossed it in a broiler set on low.

What happened was that the bacon came out in half the time and had a crisp finish so prized by the general public.

So there you have it. Perfect crisp bacon with little effort.

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MELackey said...

I baked a pan of bacon yesterday myself while out at the ranch. I was thinking about using the broiler, but was also baking french toast, so I just used the convection setting on the oven instead.

Unknown said...

You're, like, the Thomas Edison of bacon.

Ken said...

Maybe soon the general public will only be dreaming of bacon.

terri said...

We have a side=burner on the grill. Sunday we had BLTs for dinner and Mark cooked the bacon outside. He was so proud that he didn't heat up the house with the stove and that there wasn't that overwhelming bacon smell. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I LIKE that overwhelming bacon smell.