I Could Tell You But......

Gigi and I, the kids and my Weber grill are off camping for a while at an undisclosed place. If you are a clever blog reader you could easily figure this location out.

Yesterday was spent mostly relaxing and in the evening I spun two marvelous hens on the weber.

This morning I am continuing my bacon research by cooking some as I type on my weber with charcoal. We'll see how charcoal flavors apple cured bacon.

Ahhhh, tis nice to be away from it all.

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Unknown said...

I feel compelled to say that your otherwise delightful post is in dire need of two commas.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Typed on an iPad.

MELackey said...

yes, I first thought you would burn your fingers if you typed on a Weber.

You will LOVE the grilled bacon. I do it occasionally. Grill burgers or chicken breasts and bacon, melt the cheese over the top while the buns are toasting on the side. Even have some onions and peppers in a foil pan on the edge of the grill. A whole meal cooked on the grill.