I Hate This Crap

I know for some of you that you live for the opportunity presented to me, and it actually defines you somewhat. But for me it is all a pain in the ass.

First I found prior to my trip that an overhead vent in the bathroom was cracked. I duck taped it (gorilla, nothing but the best) and went on with my day.

Yesterday heavy storms came and nearly blew off a second vent and the first one leaked.

So, nothing else to do and I fired up my laptop to record my dives from the dive computer and found that my PC is dead with 80 days left on the warranty. Looks like a mother board is the fix which is basically a new old PC for me.

Then I go to make the coffee this morning and what do you know.....the GFI blew last night on a lightening hit.

So armed with a knife, a flat head, a Phillips and a pair of pliers, I shall attempt repairs to this aging RV. The PC will be shipped when I get back and I can bond more with my new Mac.

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Ken said...

Sounds like you just might be "losing" your bond with the RV.

Wait, wait, but your "still" on vacation. Not even mentally, the real thing!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Never was looking forward to this outing whatsoever. I hate crowds and Myrtle Beach. The RV is fun at fun places. Should have gone to a quiet lake.

Ken said...

I get it!
The RV is just yelling at you to plan better. hehehe

Anyway, hope you find your groove and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Once in a while you get a dud. I was due.

Unknown said...

You were a dude due a dud, eh?