Saturday night I finally got to do justice to a 2 ½ inch thick piece of top sirloin.

First I made and applied a simple rub and let the beef rest to room temperature.

Then on a hot fire I seared both sides for 4 minutes. The beef was moved to indirect heat and I added some hickory for a light smoke.

In 20 minutes it was removed when the center temp reached 140.  It then rested for another 20 minutes.

I have been craving some Brussels sprouts but Gigi made me cook them outside. She hates the smell.  A few summer tomatoes and some scalloped potatoes and I was in heaven.

Washed it down with a red Zin. 

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Rock Chef said...


Sprouts are under-rated - I love them!

Unknown said...

must. have. bacon. with. sprouts.

Dice Mardell said...

That IS heaven on a plate, sir!
The colors. Good job!!!

I love sprouts too.
I have found that hot or cold, they are the next best thing to an artichoke when dipped in mayo.

terri said...

I could be happy eating just your veggies! But I wouldn't say no to that steak either!