Stroke of Luck

The past two days I've been working like a roadie with the Rolling Stones. Yesterday morning we packed up and hit the road, two vehicles, a 34 foot fifth wheel and five dogs and head to Southport, NC.

On the way Gigi's 4Runner broke down and she pulled into a Goodyear garage that appeared. I rescued them after much drama and we all headed to Southport in the pickup truck cab.

Then it was time to set up for another show.

This place is much nicer. Grass, trees, no kids, no golf carts, shade, and nice people.

I had planned to get back home today but with Gigi's car out and what appears as a Cat 3 taking dead aim on us, I decided to stick around. Can you believe this map? The blue dot is me from Google Maps with the projected path. Jeez.

What looked like a month long event could be cut short in a few days.


Ken said...

Head for the hills.

Irene could be one screaming bitch by the time she passes over all that hot water.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

You are right about that.

Unknown said...


MELackey said...

sort of glad she isn't heading to TX. We are in desperate need of rain, but we don't want our house blown away to get water. We're holding out for a nice, slow moving tropical storm.

MELackey said...

hope you guys just get a little rain and not much drama.