Hi Gymmie

This is the first summer in my life that I am heeding warnings about the heat and air quality and I feel better than usual.

No longer do I ignore heat and carry on like I used to do. I can remember playing golf in this crap and darn near faint trying to keep enough water in me all the while draping a cold wet towel around my neck.

I am older now and don’t want to croak over some foolish thing that I could avoid.

Now it is inside until the weather gets back to the low 90’s/upper 80’s and all workouts are in the gym. 

Why isn’t it a jim? Hi Gymmie!

Know anyone named Jim? Suggest to them that Gym might be cooler…will ya?  

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Kuckie said...

Our local weatherman's name is Jim, but he spells it Jym. Cool enough?? :)

Unknown said...

Our buddy in Sicily could change his name to Myk.

Ken said...

Croaking is never a good thing to do...

...unless of course your a frog.