Home Away From Home

Leaving Southport, NC tomorrow until next weekend. I ordered an HD dish so we don't have to rough it so much...especially football. We'll let this storm pass on it's own.

This is our bird feeder in the foreground. It was left by the last guy.

This is our Yaupon Oak tree that provides us shade. They are small trees with lots of character.

This is our little herb garden left by the last guy. Just mint for now.

This is my new invention. This grill extension allows me to increase my grill space for indirect cooking. And you thought I was just loafing.


Unknown said...

I approve of this blogging style, sir.

Keep it up and you just might win a FHD!

terri said...

You have figured out more modifications and uses for your grill than anyone I've ever known. I'll say this for you... when you get interested in something, you give it your ALL! :-)