Good to be Home

I live in a modest 3 bedroom ranch style home of which millions were built from the late 50's to mid 70's. Ranch style homes are shunned by young buyers as old and outdated, yet my home seems cavernous as a dictators palace compared to my RV.

There is "free" wifi everywhere and high definition TVs with stuff I like to watch!

The dogs are all walking around with stupid grins of joy. RV's are the stuff of sissy dogs. Border Collies tolerate an occasional trip but the are always thrilled to be back home. The dogs all assumed their place and Abby crapped on a runner by the door as she is prone to do.

My PC is plugged into the only known plug in the entire world where it will run from a dead battery. I hate HP. They made a wise decision to stop making PCs before the entire line of PCs turned to shit. HP has sent me no less than 7 new power codecs and bricks and they all fail, some catch fire.

Again this golden plug of electric nourishment resides in my humble home.

It is good to be home.


Unknown said...

The ranch-style home rules.

That, or the San Francisco Victorian.

Ken said...

At present, I prefer a good brick shithouse.