2 Things I do Well and 2 Other Facts.....

I have discovered recently two things that I do well.

One is I grow decent flowering and ornamental plants in the summer. On my first trip to St. Croix I was overwhelmed by the flowers and lush greenery growing everywhere, even in winter. I decided I would grow flowers in my backyard every summer to bring a bit of the island home to me.

Second, I enjoy working with yeast. Yes yeast. I like to make beer and recently I have discovered bread. I made a few loaves of the simple white bread and it was excellent.

Today I plan to use dough I made last night for some crusty bread. You know the fancy bakery stuff with the slice marks across the top.

I was once caught in a rip tide. I was a small child at the coast of North Carolina swimming happily along when I was suddenly being drawn out to sea. My father who was a good swimmer knew what was going on and yelled at me from shore to swim along the coast line. I did and broke out of the current in text book fashion.

I pay close attention to the local weather forecasts because I like to leave the top off my Jeep. If there is anything above a 30% chance of isolated storms I’ll cover the Jeep with a tarp and bungee it tight. This is easier and quicker than actually putting the top back on. This time of year the weather people seem to under estimate the chance of rain. It is raining now and there was no mention of rain 12 hours ago.