Abby, formally known as Emily

Abby, formally known as Emily, formerly known as Inmate A729498 came home yesterday afternoon.

I am quite sure she thinks she was euthanized and awoke in heaven. She is a happy dog despite her hairless butt. Bare dog fannies are really ugly.

She gets along with most everyone and everything, even cats.

She likes to walk in the pasture and obeys dog commands like sit and no.

Hopefully we can find her a longer term foster home in Knoxville when she gets her health restored just a bit more.

For now she is just happy to be sprung from the joint.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like she was well cared for in the past. I wonder how she came to be an inmate needing rescue?

MELackey said...

Do you really expect you'll be able to let her go?

Judy said...

With the TLC she will be getting from you and GiGi she will be in good shape in no time. I think it is great ya'll are doing this for her. I agree with Melackey though, I doubt you will be able to let her go.

Stacy said...

hope you dont get too attached if she finds another home

Michael said...

She's going to be really confused if you keep changing her name.

Or, did she channel through Gigi and tell you her name was really Abby, not Emily?