Biker Bars

I ate dinner at a biker bar the other night in Asheville. Biker Bars have become quite trendy even in stuffy Charlotte.

When I was a kid we had three motorcycle gangs (clubs) that were truly to be feared. Coexisting in the same territory like rutting bull elks were the Hell’s Angeles, The Outlaws, and The Pagans.

These gangs were typically groups of mean, armed, tattooed and hairy men that drank a lot and were prone to violence. They wore their colors on their denim jackets and hung out with like minded members and skanky women.

We would steer clear of them and would avoid confrontation of any type. Even just eye contact or any conversation.

There were some famous shoot outs between rival motorcycle “clubs” on I-85 here in Charlotte as recently as 1980.

So you can understand my apprehension when I was invited to eat some barbecue at a biker bar on South Blvd a few years ago.

“What? You’ve got to be kidding!”

No, this is a nice place with good food they insisted.

Turns out that these biker bars are nice places with good food and are basically sports bars with a biker theme.

It’s a place where people can dress up in biker costumes and enjoy like minded people.

So on any Sunday afternoon you’ll see bankers and mechanics, and folks from all walks of life dress up like bad bikers from days gone by and drive their expensive Harleys to a biker bar to hang out.

But, come Monday morning they all stop being bikers and put on their work costumes.

Pretty cool if you are into that theme. Personally I want some Jeep Wrangler bars.


Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone around here is getting a Harley. Motorcycle riders are no longer bad-asses, but people trying to slap aging in the face. At first it was hard not to laugh, seeing all the Ward & June Cleaver-types riding around on those loud bikes, wearing chaps. But now it's so common I don't even question it. And they all go to Sturgis too. Would love to see that!

Kuckie said...

Maybe you should open your own Wrangler bar called, of course, Wreggie's!! What would be your specialty???

Peach Pod said...

I know which place you are talking about. R and I have already talked about going there on the bike next time we ar both there!!