This is not convenient for me

I find that a convenience charge is inconvenient. This was on a couple of tickets to the Carolina/San Diego game in a few weeks:





2 Full Price Non-Club

Ticket Price

US $98.00 x 2

Convenience Charge

US $7.50 x 2

Not only do they charge a convenience charge but they make you do math and charge postage. At least multiply and add all this crap up if you claim to be convenient.

A handling charge is outrageous if you actually take the charge and estimate how long the item was handled and apply an hourly rate to the handler.

Maybe I should be a handler and handle stuff so I can charge money.

On EBay one rarely pays the actual shipping charge. I get a bit miffed when the shipping is more than the item.


Teresa said...

I always find it very interesting that convenience charges always apply when you are paying over the phone! I mean it should be the othe way around...we should pay them extra to go check their mail, actually open the paper envelope and dispose of it, take the check to the bank and hope there really is funds available! That deserves a convenience charge...not paying by phone where you get your money immediately! I'm with you on this and WOW..$7.50 PER TICKET...can we say excessive???

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. I love when those convenience charges show up on my concert tickets too. Because it is apparently so INconvenient for the ticketseller to take my payment online and allow me to print the tickets on my own printer.

none said...

I always wondered what those stupid charges were. I do like sitting on plaza level though.

Michael said...

Wait a sec. Isn't what you do essentially "handling" people's money and investments? So you are a handler. And you don't even actually touch the money, but you get a fee. You're a part of this whole racket! ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said... just may have a point and called Bullshit on me.

Damn you Michael.