The Mother-in-law Storm

I’d like to welcome a new lady to our neighborhood. Yes, Fay is finally going to pass over us for some well needed rain.

Gosh it’s been two weeks since Fay passed over St Croix. I hope there is some Cruzan Rum fumes still left in her as Terry suggested.

It seems she turned out to be a mother in law tropical storm. She’s running very late but never in doubt. She’s been overstaying her welcome and leaving wreckage in her path.

I buttoned up the jeep for the rain. I am dripping wet from the humidity.

Horrific Wind Damage in Jacksonville FL from Tropical Storm Fay


Unknown said...

Good luck!

Ali said...


How will the Jacksonville people EVER recover from such horrific damages?!?


Hope all you guys really get is your much needed rain, mother-in-laws - or rather mil STORMS can be quite a pain in the ass :)

Unknown said...

I am telling you, that storm is a blessing in disguise! That looks like a Miller Lite can!!!

none said...

Spilled beer is serious business ;)

Michael said...

And now you've got Gustav following up. After the moher-in-law you'll have to contend wit da dgurmann.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes...I see that Russian ah coming.

Anonymous said...

I can't sit back and do nothing while the people of Jacksonville suffer from the devastating damage. I'm going in. And I'm bringing beer.