It Is What It Is

A week from today I will be traveling to New Orleans and then Baton Rouge to watch the opening game of the season for my Appalachian State University Mountaineers. I can’t wait.

I heard a guy on Bloomberg radio yesterday pronounce diaper and you could hear the “A” and an additional syllable. Is it just me, doesn’t everyone pronounce diaper like wiper and leave off the “A”?

I canceled my weekend trip to Southport because Fay was headed our way. Now Fay has turned so far south that I doubt we’ll get a drop of rain.

I played golf yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I may have my golf groove back.

I applied for a $500,000 20 year term life insurance policy yesterday to replace a $300,000 15 year term that just expired. I figure the odds are 50/50 that Gigi will collect on this puppy. Hell I’ll be seventy friggn two, a fossilized paw paw!

One of my favorite new sayings is, “It is what it is”. The saying cuts through all the bullshit and makes one face the reality of the truth.

Abby our new Border Collie is doing fantastic. Her energy is very good and she is growing hair. She has a cute personality and fits in with the pack.


Judy said...

Well, I was happy to check your blog this morning and that nasty looking bunny rabbit wasn't what greeted me!
I thought you told me you found a home for Abby. Did you decide to keep her??
Tom often uses that phrase too. How true it is.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I think we have found a home for Abby. They are being very cautious about her health. I understand.

Ali said...

Diaper should sound like wiper, I completely agree.

Good lord, don't talk about kicking the bucket! Seventy-two isn't even that old these days! And I'll probably be 50 before I can afford to come visit you guys, so you'll have to at LEAST live to be 74!

I like the new saying - it works.

And it's great to hear Abby is starting to thrive!

Michael said...

"Abby our new Border Collie... and fits in with the pack"

Yep, I knew it, sounds like she's a keeper. Good Luck trying to give her up when those other folks finally make up their minds.

Regarding rain, check in with the folks in Melbourne, FL, I hear they have a little to spare. Last count was 25 inches, but Fay hasn't really moved from there, so they're probably over 3 feet by now.

And all we got was a couple inches :(

Ken said...

Been using that saying for years while working on boats.
When laying down varnish, there is NO going back over anything while it's wet, to touch up any runs or bare spots.
It is what it is!

TerryC said...

Well, you might meet Fay in Louisiana, then!

Glad Abby's doing well :) !

Chris said...

A lot of people at work also say diaper with the "A".
This drives me crazy!!

We have an Appalachian state Alumni up here in Canada. His name is Ritchie Williams, and he plays QB for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.
He is also a dead ringer for Will Smith...

Teresa said...

Diaper should sound like wiper and anyone who does pronounce it the other way just has too much time on their hands!

I hate that phrase...for the very reason you like it...I hate facing the reality of the in denial works quite well for me! LOL!!

So glad Abbey is thriving!!!