4 Thoughts for Hump Day

Contrary to what you may have read the Outer Banks of NC are a terrible place with thick clouds of mosquitoes and numerous storms. I have visited the Outer Banks five times and was disappointed each time.

You may recall my issue with Enterprise Car Rental. It seems they have folded up and moved on to more fertile extortion grounds.

I can’t stand that show on ABC when the loud guy with the stick up hair tears down and rebuilds a house in 88 hours. They just did a house in Charlotte for an October episode and I had to watch this crap on the local news every day for a week.

We need less sleep as we age. I hate this belief because I love a good long night’s sleep and I am getting older.


Unknown said...

I only enjoy watching Extreme Makeover because Rhonda and I take bets on whether Ty is drunk that episode or not.

Anonymous said...

I love Ty but have to wonder what exactly he is on.

We need less sleep as we get older? Dang. That explains everything. Next thing you know I'm going to be one of those people eating lunch at 10 am, dinner at 3:30 pm and going to bed by 7:00.