High Altitude Dreams

I’m in Asheville, NC this morning.

After playing a round of mountain golf yesterday with a friend we decided on a few burgers and beers before I turned in for the evening.

I went to bed early because I have a full schedule today.

I dreamed we were at some resort place in New England and there were about four couples. We all decided we wanted to have a cup of coffee so we stopped at this trendy coffee shop.

They stopped me at the door and wouldn’t let me come in. They said I was too fat and then started pulling on my cheeks to prove their point.

I got pissed because I could clearly see obese people in the coffee shop and maybe I could loose 10 pounds.

Then a guy grabbed me by my shoulders and started tipping me back. He aid it would make me look skinny and the guy at the door would let me in.

I looked at my group for help and they all looked like they had bodies of Olympic swimmer, but I knew better.

I left and went to McDonalds.


Judy said...

You are so funny!!!!

Kelly said...

Very funny dream! I came across your blog thanks to Google, and wanted to let you know that if you are looking for things to do in Asheville you should check out the blog I write: carolinamornings.blogspot.com - it's all about what's going on in the Asheville area. Enjoy your stay!!