Sweet Sleeping

I about forgot this story but was reminded this afternoon as I took deep yawns longing for a nap.

Back in June I was in St Croix and twice I took a deep relaxing nap in our pickup truck with the windows down.

First I must say this is a testament to just how breezy and moderate the summer temperatures can be down on the island.

Second, although this sounds like I am a lazy human, the spontaneous naps were a result of my activity level when I go there.

The first nap was in the parking lot of Pueblo Market. I cocked the seat back, put my feet on the dash and commenced to snore. The second such nap was in the parking lot of Kmart.

It beat the hell out of shopping.


TerryC said...

Don't most people who daydream about napping on a Caribbean island include a hammock in the picture?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

True....but the truck was sweet....right out in the parking lot.

Okay, I'm a redneck.

Liv said...

you're a redneck, yes. but, you and other people i know hide behind good beer and impressive sounding careers to suppress it.

cain't haylp comin' out sometimes...

MELackey said...

I was feeling the urge to nap this morning, so around lunchtime, I put my feet up and reclined my office chapr and had a 30 minute siesta.

I'm more tired now than before my nap. I think I'll be headign home a little early this afternoon.

Scarlet said...

I could see you sleeping through Kmart, but the Pueblo Market? How could you?

PS - I'm visiting from Snowman's blog

Anonymous said...

I don't have a truck, but I've been known to recline the seat in my Impala and nap, very happily, during softball tournaments.

Michael said...

Having shared a cocktail with Wreg, in the truck in the parking lot at Schooner Bay Market, I can totally understand. If I hadn't been there mixing drinks, he probably would have napped there too. We'd already been in the store, helping the girls get "fixins" for dinner. I checked out with the booze, wine and soft drinks, and headed back to the truck to wait with Wreggie. We had time for a cocktail, and mix a next one before the ladies came out.

FYI scarlet, Pueblo is a supermarket, kind of like a poorly stocked and staffed Albertson's or Piggly-Wiggly. It's not a cultural market or bazaar. If I had a choice, I'd stay outside and nap rather than spend an hour in Pueblo.