5 of my top 100 things that make me happy….

I love to take a Sunday afternoon Jeep ride in the country with one of my dogs.

I love to pick the stringy over cooked meat from a pork or beef roast.

I love having finished a job/activity that makes you thirsty and then drink a cold beer. The first one is always the best.

I love seeing the first site of land when I travel to St Croix especially in the winter. I know I am about to see my friends, lush vegetation and beautiful clear blue water and have a good time.

It feels so good to take a wedge out from 100 yards on a well watered lush fairway and making a perfect arching golf shot landing within 6 feet of the hole. Yes I have done it a few times.

Adoptive dog Update - Inmate ID# A729498 will now be known as Emily. Gigi will pick up our first foster dog this afternoon. Our goal is to get her healthy and pretty and find her a good loving home.


Jay said...

I've hit some wedges in tight near the pin a few times too. I usually miss the put though.

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff! I look forward to seeing more of the top 100.

Stacy said...

good list

Michael said...

"Our goal is to get her healthy and pretty and find her a good loving home"

Riiiiight. She's found a good loving home. I look forward to hearing about Emily's progress, peeves and peccadilloes for years to come ;)

TerryC said...

I double dog dare you to let Emily go!

You guys are suckers just like us.

I can't even let one stay overnight without promising to care for him/her forever.

So, how's she getting along with her new brothers and sisters?

Chris said...

I can't wait to get a house, then get a family dog.

A dog truly completes a family.