Who Owns the Elevator?

I’m staying at a “good enough hotel” Fairfield Inn where I will meet some clients in their outrageously expensive “Board Room”.

I was taking luggage down to the car so I can get a quick escape when I’m done when I went by and juggled the door to the boar room to make sure it was open. Nope…locked tight.

I went to the hotel desk and asked for the board room to be unlocked. She said, “Are you in there?”

Well hell no, I’m standing in front of you missy. When you unlock it I can get in there.

I knew what she meant and said “Yes”.

Then I jumped on the elevator and pushed button five to get my PC from the room. I rode up alone.

When the door opened I saw a surprised business man loaded down with luggage looking at me like I had violated his elevator by being in the space he had just summons by pushing the down button.

I likewise took offense at his assumption that this was his private car.

We both nodded and said “morning” and passed by each other.


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Teresa said...

LOL! It's hilarious to hear what goes on inside of your head!

I seriously can't stand when people can't communicate in complete sentences! I always want to answer their redicilious questions with redicilious answers too!...sometimes I do. Ha!

MELackey said...

pass a little gas in that elevator as you are getting out. He'll occupy it, but you own it...