The Adventures of Getting Old

I was in the doctor’s office again yesterday. It seems my blood pressure has a mind of its own and continues to rise despite the array of drugs I am taking.

One drug worked fine but it had a side effect that would require me to take an additional drug should I want to get funky with the Mrs. I used to think that condition was funny, not so much now. I stopped taking that drug right away and restored my man stuff.

So we tried this new drug and the doctor said the side effects might be a dry cough and my lips could swell. As long as other parts of my body swell then fat lips are fine by me.

Well, I now have a dry cough, normal lips, and normal other stuff along with a dry cough with high blood pressure.

Gigi is suggesting yoga classes. Do men have to put on those body suits to do yoga?

I probably told you more then I needed to, buy hey, aren’t we all family here? Besides getting old is an adventure I’m finding out and I wanted to share.


Ken said...

Hell of an adventure all right.

Take a green one
Take a yellow one
Take the pink one in the morning time
Take a blue one
Take them all the time, cause they all go down just the same.

MELackey said...

but did you ever take the "other" pill? I laugh at the commercials telling you to tell your doctor if "it" lasts more than 4 hours. If I ever get "it" to last 4 hours, forget calling the doctor, I'm calling everyone I know.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

No....I never took one of those pills. Gigi didn't want any part of it.

terri said...

Hey, you know what's really fun? Reading this post to my 15 year old daughter! She thinks us old people are weird now.