I'm So Sorry

It appears from recent congressional hearings that some of my friends and I may be directly responsible for this recent economic catastrophe.

Just the other day some former officers of AIG were getting raked over the coals about a weekend at the St Regis Hotel in Dana Point CA and the outlandish behavior exhibited therein.

It seems they did such horrid things as getting massages, pedicures, played golf, and ran up a bar tab.

The Whitehouse called it despicable.

You need to know dear readers that I have stayed at this discussing resort twice in my past and once at the more upscale nearby resort The Montage.

I know…you are probably spewing your coffee thinking how a nice guy like me could do something this deplorable.

What’s worse is knowingly I fraternize with massage therapists in other resort areas and read another massage therapist blog who lives in Ohio.

Yes I play golf and yes I been hooked on pedicures of late. And finally…I’ve been known to run a bar tab.

I feel better now. Sorry for the near depression I caused and I guess I’ll have to stop with the pedicures.


terri said...

Wreggie! How could you?

I forgive you.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Hahahaha....I would love to be found guilty of all of those things! If so, I would dare anyone for giving me grief, especially over putt-putt ;)

Michael said...

You didn't charge those despicable things to my credit card, did you? Let me check... nope doesn't appear so. OK, I forgive you.

Michael said...

Overall I like the new theme, but I just noticed your Banner Headline "I'm Always Mentally on Vacation" looks like the crap. Its a pixelated mess. The Courier, monospace font doesn't seem to be doing well for you at that size. If you want to stay with that "typewriter" look, I'd try "Courier New", you could keep the courier and monospace in there, but put courier new first in your CSS for your headline, you could also add in "Andale Mono" and "Monotype.com".

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Michael, thanks. I didn't preview it on a Mac, just Vista.

I fiddle some more with it before I'm done.

Michael said...

I didn't look at it on a mac either, it was on my pc at work , on XP using Firefox. But I think Courier new is installed on macs too, maybe not the andale or monotype.

Michael said...

Personally, for serif fonts on the web, I like Georgia, it was developed specifically for a web/screen font by *cough* Microsoft (actually, they commissioned it from a font designer, they didn't design it themselves). But its pre-installed on like 99.9% of computers, both mac and wintel boxes.

mr zig said...

i too would like to be guilty of all that :)