Just Some Thoughts

Is it just us or do other families always have bananas lying around in various stages of decomposition?  


I told Gigi yesterday if it gets any slower at work I was going to have to go to Mexico and start landscaping work so I could send her money.


I bought a GPS yesterday for the truck/jeep whatever. What seemed like a gimmick to me a few years ago now makes sense. Or course I am already tinkering with it and adding my own Point of Interest (POI) to the unit. I wonder if the Garmin 260W works down in St Croix? You don’t really need one down there.


My hair dresser moved her booth to a private room. She looks real fancy in there. I told Gigi I was going to get a framed black and white glossy of me, autograph it and give it to her to hang in her private salon area as a joke. 


Unknown said...

We currently have some 5 day old bananas. Why can't people eat them fast enough?

We pay our landscaping (well our HOA does) $100,000 a year to do our condos. Not a bad gig!

We plan to get a GPS as soon as we start leaving our 5 mile radius of a bubble. We have everything so close we don't make it out much.

When you started with the private room bit I was wondering if it would somehow end in some illegal manner.