I'm Surely Red Lining the Fun Meter

It was a good idea, a diversion of such away from the dismal week that wasn’t in the stock market.

I met my pal Bill who loves to fish and is good at it down at my Southport RV. We caught our bait with a casting net the afternoon we arrived. That night we dined on seafood then rigged our tackle to get out early.

And that we did. We were rigged and in the water by sunrise and we waited. Three hours passed and nothing. We moved to the beach side of the island and cast our hooks and waited. 2 hours passed and nothing. 

We ate some lunch at the Liquid Steer and he headed home. I headed back to watch Carolina get humiliated by Tampa.

Wow! That was fun. 


terri said...

Well, a good dinner and hanging out with a friend has to count for something right? Sorry you didn't catch anything.

Unknown said...

Ahhh fishing is so relaxing... i never got to go this summer bummer!!! :)

Ken said...

What a suckcess.

No, it really sounds good to get out and do nothing fun. I bet it WAS a good time.

Astrid said...

Fishing is always about the hanging out and less about the actual fish!! :)