Good Morning Carolina!

I have a confession to make to my readers.

As you know, I helped rescue a skinny, flea ridden, neglected border collie from the pound. We named her Abby.

I drove her to Knoxville, TN and back and spent probably damn near $1,000 in vet bills and diesel and lodging.

We took her a few weeks ago to place her in the home of Gigi’s mother. It didn’t work. Her mother was overwhelmed and her cats were afraid. Abby would have worked fine but the disruption during the transition was more that her mother could tolerate.

So, we have 5 dogs that other people didn’t want and we love them all. 

Now you can all say in unison, “I knew you wouldn’t get rid of that dog!”

In other news…..

The Carolina Panthers spanked the Kansas City Chiefs 34-0 yesterday. It is always good when the home lays out a big ass whooping on a beautiful fall day.

I have a PSA test today and didn’t study not one minute.

I’m going to Baltimore, MD next week. I’ve never been there. I might learn something at this conference and I can always use the air miles to travel to St Croix.

Speaking of St Croix there was some pork in the bailout bill for St Croix. It seems the Feds tax a gallon of VI rum at around $5 and the rebate $4.75 back to the island. This stopped last year so this new economic bailout bill had a few lines in it that would restart the tax rebate retroactive back to Jan 1 and the rebate would be in place another few years. 


Unknown said...

Your running back scored big for me in my Fantasy Football team scoring 3 touchdowns. Thank you for that!

You'll enjoy Baltimore, it is a neat little city if you find time to get out and see some of it.

Judy said...

Well, I am happy for you, Gigi and Abby! I know she was happy to be HOME.

Anonymous said...

My hats off to people like you and Gigi that have love for dogs beyond your wallet.

Chris said...

COngrats on the bug win!
You never know, it could be a Carolina/Denver Super Bowl this year, sadly, you and I would be the only ones interested...

terri said...

I'm so happy for Abby! She's in good hands.