Stuff I learned This Week

My comment button has disappeared and I can’t get it up. No, that didn’t sound right. You know what I mean.

I have attempted every rational way to make the comment function work and have researched blogger to no avail. I may be forced to move this blog to the far superior Wordpress. Yes I have drunk deeply the Wordpress kool-aid.

One thing I noticed that my hits plunged when the comment button is off. It seems we all enjoy looking at the carefully worded comment we make and return to see others reactions to our comments. We all like being seen in cyberspace and cutting off the comments cuts off that privilege.

Now let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. It could have been on of those life altering moments but fortunately it didn’t turn out that way.

I was driving into work yesterday and there was a guy in traffic beside me on a red motorcycle. It was a nice sporty type of rice burner.

I must have been a cardinal in a previous life because I am partial to red. Both my Jeep and Ford truck are red.

Anyway when we passed a big intersection I noticed the car in the left lane had stopped and the guy on the motorcycle was staring off in another direction quickly approaching the stopped Red GMC Suburban.

In a few seconds I was about to see a bad accident where this guy on the motorcycle was surely about to die all just outside my driver side window.

Honestly time slowed down and I saw at the last second the motorcycle driver see his predicament. He slammed on brakes and his body tensed up. Bam! He hit the back of the stopped SUV and went through his windshield. Somehow his body rolled over in mid air and his back slammed into the SUV with his head crumpled under his shoulder. The inertia took him on from the back of the GMC into the concrete divide of the road.

I pulled over to check on him and render assistance. As I approached I saw him stand and brush off broken glass. His bike was totaled but his body was somehow fine. He was shaking from shot at the near death but was otherwise fine.


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yea! My comments are back! Two miracles in one day!

Unknown said...

Wow, I cannot imagine seeing that! Good the guy was ok. Are helmets the law in NC?

Ken said...

Holy Crap, I can come back and enjoy looking at the carefully worded comment I made here.

Glad you didn't have to be at tragic bike accident, they're no fun at all, I know!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes. You must wear a helmet in NC but brain buckets are okay too I think. They are barely a helmet.

A few miles south in SC and I would have seen brain.

This guy had on a big heavy duty helmet.

Well worded comment Micky! I can't wait to see that man cave.

TerryC said...

Yay!! Your comment button is up again!!

I hope Gigi is as happy as the rest of us!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh yes bells are ringing all over town.

Gigi had a rough night with girly pee pee problems. Peaches has the same problem so Gigi took Peaches medicine and she feels better.

Gigi is going to the real doctor this morning.

I am so glad I have a low maintenance penis instead. You women are complicated.

TerryC said...

Hope Gigi feels better soon.

Give her a hug for us.

And Honey, a penis can NEVER be considered "low maintenance" ;-) !

terri said...

Sometimes I have nothing of value to add and don't need to leave a comment. Of course, when your comments are MIA, I have things to say and nowhere to say them! I'm glad your comments are back.

That accident must have been horrifying to watch. And the fact that the rider got up and brushed himself off is a miracle!

Stacy said...

im sorry you "can't get it up"

Michael said...

Damn, another would-be wordpress convert narrowly escapes. Oh, but I'm glad the guy didn't die.

I had a very similar experience watching someone else cheat death, though he was in a car. I was on the highway when up ahead, from the opposing fast lane, a small sports car slid into the median. It was one of those grassy medians with a few ornamental bushes and it sort of dipped down forming a gully between the two lanes. The other car went nose first into the dip, then started flipping end over end toward me. It rolled this way about three times. I was able to get into the right lane to avoid it as it came to a stop, up-side down.

My friends and I jumped out and ran back. The car was a wedge, a continuous line from front of hood to the rear, the driver compartment was flat, like a convertible, with no windscreen. But the guy was lying in the grass in the median, he was OK except for a scraped and sprained, or possibly fractured, arm. One of those rare cases where NOT wearing his seat belt saved him. He was thrown through the drivers-side window while the car was flipping. If he'd still been in the car, he'd have been 3 feet shorter.

Terry can attest to the care with which I have crafted this comment. I had to take a time-out for breakfast before coming back to finish. But it was worth it. I'm secure in the knowledge that I can now come back here, over and over again, to re-read my skillfull wordsmanship, and the pithy replies.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Are you using big words on me again man?

I’m sitting here in my “new” warm pajama bottoms with Homer Simpson pattern that Gigi bought for me at the Kmart on St Croix last June. These are now referred to as my St Croix pajamas and have immediately become my favorites out classing the here to fore blue pajamas made famous on my initial Origami photos last spring.

I will check back from time to time to see the additional comments you have invoked.

Ken said...

Of course...I'm back again.

I feel the need to make another carefully worded comment on the fact that you have been playing around with your blog, changing this, changing that and apparently being content with a wooden fence background for your header. Whats up with that? The fence at the beach I understand.

St. Croix vacations, red jeeps, fun little boats with motors, camping with dogs, dog shit, are all things I have come to associate with this blog. Would you care to give an explanation about the fence to those of us who only know you through this blog?

Or not!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

“St. Croix vacations, red jeeps, fun little boats with motors, camping with dogs, dog shit, are all things I have come to associate with this blog.”

Damn….this is pretty much my existence in a concise sentence. Well said.

This template is not the final one. I just swapped it out from the old one for several reasons. First, Michael had complained contentiously about the other template and I kept it just as an irritant to him. Second, several others had said they didn’t like it as well and were suspicious at me changing my picture after all these years.

But finally I switched the template in an effort to get my comments working again.

You’ve given me some good ideas to work in a new header. Red Jeeps, dog shit etc.

Ken said...


Michael had complained contentiously about the other template and I kept it just as an irritant to him

I'm so glad I kept my mouth shut during the irritant period.

Michael said...

Boy am I glad your comments are working again, at least on this post. I've been storing up big words with no place to put them.

"complained contentiously"? Terry wants to know if you used that big word correctly, and it turns out you did. My hat is off to you sir.

BUT, I do protest (contentiously, of course). I was very fond of the first new template, just the header font sucked. That scroll background was begging for some Cap't Stubble piratey script. I did in fact, complain contentiously about the next one that looked like old folks home wallpaper.

However, I constrained my contentions and refrained from complaining about this latest one, with the randomly working comments. But I'm with Micky, what's with the wooden fence background?