Roots and Culture and Friends

My favorite song right now is “Roots and Culture” by Shabba Ranks.  I know you are all whistling that familiar tune now. Gigi can’t believe I love Dancehall Reggae so much. 

I was in Baltimore this past week studying about our industry. The main speaker is a machine as far as I am concerned. He suggested hiring a “sleep coach” (I am serious). He said one can train their mind to concentrate REM sleep in order to sleep less and therefore work more. He was so proud that he sleeps 90 minutes less per day now and can spend the added time working. 

My dear friends in St Croix are okay. Utility services are coming back up and actually the island dodged the full fury of the hurricane. There are a lot of sunken sailboats in the harbor a sign I guess that a lot of folks discounted the power of a hurricane. As far as I know Michael, Terry, Peter, Heike, Beth, Carlsten (Pookie), Pookie’s Bride, Leslie, Mitch, Michael II, Charlie, Anna, Richard, Bonnie, Nikki, Nikki, Jody, Margaret, Wendy, Marti, Kim, Waylan,  Vinnie, Jose, Josephine, Sharon, Eugene, Laurie, Donna, Suzanne, Natalie, and countless others I only know by sight or can’t recall their names are okay. I was thinking about you guys.  

My father in law is with us right now. He is quickly slipping away mentally. Nothing new is copying to the hard drive. His most recent memories are a few years ago. Now that it is turning cold he keeps saying to me, “Wreg, its time to go to St. Croix”.  I hate he will never visit the island. Even if we took him he wouldn’t remember. 

I have vivid memories of being very young, like 2 or 3 years old. The memories are in black and white of course because we didn’t have color back then.  Just kidding, but I do recall memories from the crib, seriously. 

The food at the Hyatt in Baltimore was terrible. I ate a bite of rotten salmon and was sick the next morning. My buddy Ty did the same thing and got sick. It could have been the cold cut lunches we had but I doubt it. Our industry is cutting back I guess from the good old days of wild weekends at the St Regis.  


terri said...

I'm sorry about your father in law. It's hard to watch someone you love start slipping like that.

Do you really have memories back to 2 or 3 years old? I have a couple memories, maybe, from around 3 years old, but the more solid ones start around 4 years old.

James said...

Hi Wreggie that is sad. My mum is 90 now and in poor health but she still has all her marbles.

I saw a TV doc about infantile amnesia (that's the thing everybody has, where you don't remember anything usually before 4 years old). New research has shown that memories start from the moment we develop our sense of "self". So you were probably were a precocious child Wreg ahead of the game even then....

sorry I don't visit much

TerryC said...

Wow! That's quite a post! Lot's of info....

90 extra minutes of work a day - exciting.

You know more people down here than we do ;) !

Bummer about your FIL.

Black and white memories! Hahaha

It sucks to get sick on bad food :( .