A Pop Quiz

This picture is from a previous post. What is it?

A. A Gigantic Praying Mantis scrotum

B. A traditional holiday pickled hornet nest

C. A gourder that was recently removed

D. Jack Fruit or Jack Bread  


Judy said...


terri said...

It's some kind of fruit you ate in St. Croix, and I don't think you liked it very much. But i can't remember the name.... are you gonna make me dig thru your archives? Is there a prize?

terri said...

Well, hello. It's multiple choice. I missed that at first. IT's D.

(Hey, I never professed to be a rocket scientist.)

Unknown said...

I know it's the Jack Fruit, but I am literally CRYING with laughter about it possibly being a gigantic praying mantis scrotum.
Best description ever!!!!