The Big Chill is Upon Us

The winter rituals are kicking in here with the sudden rush of cold.

One thing I do is “bet” with my father in law about the temperature now in St Croix. If it’s daylight I stick with a standard 83 and he usually bets around that number. Then I’ll go to to solve the bet.

Yesterday in Banner Elk, NC which is 80 miles from here saw 20 degrees and howling winds with snow.  I used to live in that area for 4 years, no five years when I went to college. Lord knows it was cold there. Unfit for living so much that a rarely return even in the summer.

The Jeep is covered in leaves now. Gone are the carefree rides with the top down. I do however find that driving the Jeep in the winter has its own rewards. I feel like I am piloting some old B-17 with the noises, tiny windshield and crude instrumentation.  

Then the winter vacation dreams/nightmares; I had another last night. I spent my entire time eating coconut cake and watching live stage shows while I sipped on Coronas. This one show had some nudity so I like that one. I love naked people that I don’t know. If I know you I don’t want to see you naked.  All this was performed at my villa.