Hurricane Update

I heard from Michael and Terry in St Croix. The hurricane is bearing down and they are battened down as tight as they can be. 

All the windows are shuttered; everything that can be tied down is tired down.

All 11 dogs are in the house. 

Now let me paint a picture. These guys do not have air conditioning because for the most part the island gets constant breezes and air conditioning is not necessary. Imagine if you will, 11 dogs panting, the windows boarded up and humidity all to be damned in stagnate air. Can’t you just smell the dog breath?  

Michael assured me there was enough rum in the house and they were prepared.

All of their contact to the outside world is via cell phone now. They had to take down their Internet receiver from the roof.

So wish them the best tonight as the hurricane passes over St Croix. 


Ken said...

I can picture the scene!
I've been there before many times on a small boat waiting and preparing for the worst.
Stuffiness is prominent everywhere.

Unknown said...

Good luck to them!

I surely expect a shit story to be coming in their blog soon!

Liv said...

i wish them all well...

MELackey said...

any word from them today?

TerryC said...

Hey guys, we're back!

No shit, Jay! Really.....I don't feed the dogs if they're going to be in the house for any length of time for that very reason. None have starved to death yet.

Michael said...

Actually, there was some shit, but it was delayed. We put down paper in a small hallway that seems to be a spot they go to when their in the house and can't get out, nobody used it during the storm. Two days later, one of the indoor dogs left a small deposit there.