The Sea is Angry My Friend

I’m going down to Southport this morning to meet a grade school through college friend to do a bit of surf fishing, football watching and we might have a beer or two.

The weather calls for rough seas, rip currents and rain. Sounds like a perfect day to sit around and watch football with a pal. Sunday looks better as long as my ass is parked in front of the TV by 1:00 PM for the Carolina Panther game.

I have been watching the fishing reports and it is looking better. Ocean fish like it for some reason when the water turns back cold. I’ve seen these pictures of repulsive steroid looking large flounders being caught on the shore line. These things are about the size of my Jeep Door.

My doctors decided to double up on the drug that could make my lips blubber but leave everything else alone. Yesterday my BP dropped like a rock so all is good now. 

I’ll take my camera and see if I can get some freaky flounder pictures of my own. 

Ya’ll have a good, safe and peaceful weekend.