Hopefully This Thing is Fixed

I was having a fit with my old/new blog template so I went shopping for another. Now I’ll have to unpack the gadgets and get thing arranged to my liking. At least the comments work again.

When loading the links I noticed Terri Terri’s blog was down…again. So much for you Wordpress diehards.

I went to the Carolina Arizona game yesterday. Carolina mounted a fantastic comeback to beat the Cardinals. Gigi came with me and even old Cooter Brown showed up for a while.

Last night in dream land I could have sworn I was in St Croix. The sun was bright, the clouds were puffy and the temperature was perfect. The problem was it was the last day of my trip and I couldn’t remember anything I had done.

This dream was slowly developing into a nightmare. I called Michael to see if he could hang out some before I left. Turns out they were shunning me for being rude ass earlier.

I ended up on the shore taking up as much as I could before I went home.

Well, I guess I better get on to the salt mines for another day at work.