Dealing with Stress

I’ve been trying to deal with stress lately. Instead of being a bar fly which is my natural tendency when I get stressed I have decided to crank up my exercise program.


Staring last Monday I have notched up the cardio to where my legs are so sore. The push ups and sit ups I have been doing have my upper body curled over like Gigi’s late grandmother used to stand.


Today I came dragging in the office and damn near had a panic attack when I looked at my deferred compensation.


I have saved for my retirement more this year than any year of my life. I am a believer in long term investing even in the face of this market. I opened the online statement and every dollar I have saved this year is “temporary gone” along with an additional $10,000 from the beginning balance.


“Those Wall Street bastards, they made my future retirement income their playground.”


I know it will recover…..then the pain in my chest set in and the hyperventilating. I have had a panic attack before but not since the early 90’s.  I turned and shut my eyes, took deep even breaths and thought about my dogs, wife and of all things Full Moon Beach Bar at Cane Bay. These are some of my favorite things.


The panic was not allowed to develop. 


TerryC said...

Wreg - you need to get back down here with your few remaining dollars and get a massage on the beach ;-) .

But seriously...what you have put yourself through sucks, but it just reinforces my ideology about being as self-sufficient as possible.

Let us know if we can lend you a few bucks.....