Quiet Talkers

I forgot that my friend who came down for fishing this past weekend is a public “quiet talker”. 

Bill is capable of carrying on delightful conversation in normal voice but get him in a restaurant and I might as well be listening to him speak Chinese. For some reason he thinks conversation in public like, “Pass the salt Wreggie”, should be kept from nearby prying ears. 

He lowers the tone of his voice to barely audible and changes the resonance of the sound to render the words unintelligible. I could hear the people talking about vegetables next to me much better. 

I end up saying, “What?” the whole time and both of us get pissed off. 

Gigi does the same thing in airports. I can’t understand a word she says in an airport. 

In both instances Bill and Gigi you are in competition with other sounds so lowering your voice to tomb like levels is not a good idea. 

I thought it was just me and apparently I went deaf while in airports traveling with Gigi until last year when Gigi was talking to my sister Judy.  We were waiting to board the plane to St Croix and Gigi was talking to Judy and Judy kept saying, “What? I can’t hear you”. 



TerryC said...

I like your little slide show! (Did I say that loud enough?)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...



Judy said...

So funny.

Judy said...

What slide show?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The top right above my profile.

Jahooni said...

for a minute I thought I was in the wrong blog.

nice change wreggie.

maybe that is what i need to get me "back at it", change my layout. ;)~

Judy said...

I enjoyed the slide show too and look forward to adding to it this year with new fun time pictures.

terri said...

I have a coworker who talks that way except when we are on lunch break.

I never would have noticed the slideshow if it hadn't been pointed out in your comments!

Oops... sorry, didn't mean to shout.