Angry Wreggie

I was angry far too much this week with far too many people. Basically I encountered too many bottleneck personality types. These people feel empowered to affect one’s life because the opportunity presents itself and for a brief moment they can force attention and feel the power for themselves just because they can.

An example….I have a supervisor who actually works for me because I pay them to supervise me. The reason I have this relationship is I must be squeaky clean in my business dealings to avoid threats from the feds and end up in prison.

Sidebar: Life has become so complex at times that white collar prison seems like a good escape. As I understand I would get a free place to stay, three hot meals, my own bed, free medical and none of the worries of the outside world like paying taxes, mortgages etc. In 25 years I’ll have to pay for this service except they call it assisted living.

So with my supervisor I can literally tell them to kiss my ass and not risk losing my job. However they can and do bottleneck my business from time to time just because they can whether I tell them to kiss my ass or not.   

Yesterday I had a transaction put on hold that represented as much compensation to me as the majority of folks make in a year. The business was held up on a technicality and this asshole was threatening to bust my deal because he could. Can feel some tension building here?

I lashed out very angrily and very logically pointing out the stupidity of his logic and called his stupidity out to his supervisor who works for me as well. Now I am the one empowered and have him by the balls because his supervisor sees the stupidity of the artificial logjam created by ass brains.

My deal goes through and I am left with a headache. This fight could have been avoided but ass lips wanted to flex his power. Plus and more importantly I have lost all respect for the guy.

Another encounter was with the car repair company. I took my truck to Sterling Auto Body (owned by Allstate) last Tuesday for repairs from my break-in.  They just got around to ordering parts yesterday and said the parts should be in by Tuesday of next week. Then it would be a 3 day job putting in a new door lock, and new cup holders so don’t expect my truck back until the end of next week.

I told them I was pretty sure I could install the lock with my butt cheeks alone in one day but they assured me that my door needed painting and this would take the bulk of the time.  

So why are you guys impounding my truck for a week? This makes no sense to me. Oh…I remember…empowerment because they can and apparently I have let them because I am fighting on too many fronts this week.

Logic please people….not stupidity.       

I need a vacation.   


TerryC said...

The ordeal with your car repair company sounds like everything we have to do everyday down here.

Sorry about your crummy week. But look at the count-down!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They lectured to me that they aren't responsible for any break-ins while it is parked on their lot. I remarked how convenient it would be to have a break-in there so they could fix it faster.

Believe me I am watching that clock and daydreaming about screaming at Gigi to get her ass moving in three weeks so we can make the plane. Happens every year.

mr zig said...

I too have contemplated the "sweet life" of prison - but then remembered I don't want to be made a bride... guess I gotta live the hard life :) - but yeah - it definitely sounds like you need a vacation! :)

Bretthead said...

Wow, you have talented butt cheeks.

Ali said...

Wow. That was a lot of ass.