To Know Me...

To know me is to realize I am all about warm weather, good friends, family, pets, good food, social gatherings, and belly laughs. Yes, I guess I am really that shallow.

Rather juvenile you might think for a 52 year old man.

I swore off taking life too serious after two life changing events in my life.

One life changing event was a death bed conversation with my father. He recounted his regrets from working too much and taking that work too seriously when he should have spent that time enjoying life. It was time spent that he’ll never be able to get back and he was sad to think about the time he wasted on the nonsense of work stress.   

The second life changing event a few years later was when my workaholic ass was literally thrown out from a job that I put my life and soul in to.  I was the number one producer in an office and let’s just say I was cocky as hell and was fired for insubordination. I was the Pac Man Jones and Terrell Owens of my office.

To be on top of the corporate ladder one day and then be working from my dining room the next made me redefine my vulnerability.

I decided from that day forward that I would be self employed with emphasis on self.  I would enjoy more the fruits of my labor and not count on enjoying life one day in the future when I was “retired”. I would judge my success by the freedom I have rather than the wealth I accumulate. 


Ken said...

[sad to think about the time he wasted on the nonsense of work stress]

Rock Chef said...

This is a great attitude! Life is short, you only get one go at it, so don't waste it trying to please someone who probably doesn't even know your name!

Unknown said...

" I would judge my success by the freedom I have rather than the wealth I accumulate."

Those are definitely words to live by.

I have been feeling this a lot lately. Just realizing that spending 40 hours a week in a job I don't love and am unrecognized in isn't worth it. And while I have to make sure I can continue to pay the bills and support my family I am taking every free moment I get to enjoy life and the things around me.

Also looking into doing some coursework in catering and food prep to hopefully open a side business as a caterer in a few years.

terri said...

Shallow? No.

Juvenile? Maybe, but that's what makes you fun to be around (or read.)

To put it simply, you are one of the few who has figured out what life is about. Your blog is a testament to that and the rest of us learn from you.

Judy said...

Profound. It goes right along with what my bible study lesson is about. It is about using your time on earth wisely. If you have time read: Psalm 90:12, John 9:4,Ephesians 5:15 -17, Psalm 39:4

Life is a gift and should be used wisely.

TerryC said...

Oh, you were just fishin' for the rest of the phrase, weren't you?

"To Know Me.....Is to Love Me".

And we do, yes we do, yes we la la laaa.

You're our hero Wreg!

Ali said...

That list of what you're about pretty much sums up me as well. Belly laughs are very high on my list.

I try really hard to think the way you do, and only occasionally now do I get swept up in the hooplah.

I'm glad you are who you are - you're one of my favourites :)

mr zig said...

LOVED this post!!!!

Bretthead said...

Not shallow at all. In fact, it sounds like a great base. Anything more than that is icing.

Glad you revisited your priorities. Most people need to take themselves less seriously.