January Joys

What an adventure the past week has been for me. I think I am about back to normal as I get. I started new meds last night and slept like a baby.

Now that we are in the filet of winter it is time to turn thoughts to all the great things that January brings.

Let’s see. MLK day is around the corner and that is always…you know….a blast.

What else…..oh, it will begin ever so slightly having a wee bit more daylight and that is a good thing.

Then there is always plenty of oxygen, gravity and water in January, can’t live without that stuff.   

Oh! The seed catalogs come out soon, now that’s a thriller. 


Unknown said...

Wreg, this could be a great January-early February for you as a Panthers fan! Do not forget that!!

I don't say this to rub it in but it is in the 80's here. And sunny as can be.

Rock Chef said...

Oh yeah, how can we get through the winter without seed catalogues?

TerryC said...

You just better rest up for your next adventure.

That's what "down time" is supposed to be for. Enjoy it!

(I can just picture you and Judy as the countdown gets smaller).

Judy said...

Yes, Terry I am getting so excited. I have been doing my wii fit this morning in anticipation of putting this fat white body in a bathing suit in just a few weeks!

Kuckie said...

Ah, I needed that laugh this morning. We are in the middle of an ice storm and it took me almost an hour to get Kendall to school and back...blech!

Ali said...

I am soooooo excited about the seed catalogues!!! And oxygen isn't too shabby either ;)

Bretthead said...

MLK day will be a blast - I'm going skiing!! Playoff football. Oh, and there is my trip to New Orleans. Chicago too. January will rock!!

terri said...

Stop! Please! Before I hyperventilate with the excitement.