Oh Well

What was I thinking? A nut sack from a bovine and cheap beer was going to win the game?  Geese ….the Panthers sucked and lost. And especially bad was how they imploded on national TV against the Arizona Cardinals of all teams.

Oh…and my truck was broken in to for the 4th time. Joy.

The bastards stole my GPS, TV, hand gun and misalanous shit that belonged to me.

When I called the cops they said I shouldn’t leave things in my car. I said I am not accustomed to bringing my GPS and gun into the stadium.

I swear Charlotte has the crime rate of a third world country. I just know it was Dick Chaney and Halliburton.


Ali said...

Holy crap!

Sorry about your beloved Panthers Reggie. I wasn't watching the game, I only knew they lost because Chris said "Ooh, Reggie is gonna be maaaaad."

And sorry about the break-in too - that's a lot of crap for one night.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

They played like sissies. Can you say that anymore?

They did my truck over too. I am now finding more shit missing.

Chris said...

How much damage was done to the truck?

Just when I thought the night couldn't have gotten any worse for you. I feel your pain.

TerryC said...

Your GUN was stolen and the police don't care?

Sounds like the islands, definitely.

Sorry about your totally crappy day. But you were dreading the rest of January, weren't you?

Michael said...

Damn, that sucks... about the truck. You know I couldn't really care less about the game. (I know its important to you, but really, Old Style beer? That in itself is a tragedy. Next time you ought to take the scrotum of whoever it was that first introduced that swill into your Playoff game strategy! It might take some digging, but I'd bet good money Dick Cheney was behind it.)

We've had a car broken into 2 or 3 times in Christiansted in the past year or so. I think its time they start installing a tamper-proof safe as a standard vehicle component. They could eliminate the door-locks, they're obviously worthless.

mr zig said...

Crazy! And totally sucky! If I had my handgun stolen from my car i'd be in deep crap here! They'd charge me for having it in my car in the first place! Guess it's a different place up here! hehe - Anyway, totally sucks about the break-in!