Idiosyncrasies of Being Me

One of the idiosyncrasies of being me is I have been set up in the same house for 20 years this month, married to the same woman for 30 years this year, and have been doing the same job/industry for 25 years this year.

And so having a pair of underwear in my drawer with advanced age and loss of function is not out of the question.

Yesterday I casually picked out a pair of boxers put them on and the elastic felt like it may be giving out. I was in a hurry and finished dressing and went on to work.

What I discovered by 9 AM is the elastic had dry rotted and was rendered useless. By 10 AM I had underwear hanging around my knees and an important meeting pending at 11 AM. By 11 AM I was technically commando with my knees tied together.

I could barely walk but I have my standards and I felt it was wrong to toss the underwear at work.

Finally I tossed the underwear at 1PM. It felt wrong being momentarily naked so to speak in my office yet I was liberated.

I wonder what house cleaning thought when they emptied my trash can?  


Unknown said...

Hey look at the bright side, that's much better than having to trash your undies because you shit your pants.

Rock Chef said...

They will probably think that you have been doing it on the desk!

30 years together? Congratulations! We will be 24 years this summer. And they say that relationships don't last any more!

Judy said...

funny. And yes, congratulations on 30 years. I have a great picture of you two cutting your wedding cake. You ought to post a wedding picture for your blog buddies.

Teresa said...

I agree with should post your wedding pictures!!

This one really cracked me up Reggie...have you considered stand up comedy as a second job? lol

Ali said...

It IS my favourite word!

Congratulations on 30 years with your amazingly beautiful little Gigi-cakes :)

And sorry, can't help but laugh about the dry rotted boxers!

But come on, didn't going commando make you a little bit happy? Not that I have ever, EVER done it myself...yeah...

Ken said...

Oh I have a pair at least that old, because the only time they come out of the drawer is when I'm going to the doctors and there is any chance that they may ask me to drop my drawers.

Unknown said...

Yes a definite congrats on 30 years! Here's to 30 more!!!

Bretthead said...

Hilarious!! I barely ever throw out undies either.

Hang loose brutha!!

terri said...

Commando is ok. Heck, women wear thongs. That's technically like not wearing any underwear.

Jay Gray's 1st comment... we have a friend who loves to tell the story of losing his underwear in the office and that is exactly why.