I Hope I'm in Good Hands

Powerball Lottery is up to 165 million dollars. I love to daydream (Buckwheat) about winning that jackpot even though I didn’t buy a ticket for last night’s drawing. Hey…I saved a dollar!

My truck break in is being handled by my insurance company in two separate ways. The truck damage is being fixed under the car policy and the contents are being covered under home owners.

It was explained to me that anything installed and bolted down is considered truck and anything that can be picked up is considered an extension of your home.

That’s why I bought a truck safe the other day that bolts down so the next time they steal my shit it will give them a fit and it will be covered under my auto policy because they treat you much nicer than home owners.

When I called the auto section of Allstate the other day they were all apologetic saying, “Mr. Wreggie, we are so sorry. Don’t worry you have a zero deductable and we’ll pay the whole tab. Just take you car to XYZ (owned by Allstate) and we’ll have you good as new in no time.”

When I called the home owners section of Allstate I was treated like a thief. “Mr. Wreggie, do you have any receipts?”

“Well, I bought that gun years ago from an individual.”

“Yes or no…do you have receipts.”   

I could see where the tone of this interrogation was going so I grunted out brief answers to her questions.

“Why did you have a gun in the truck?”

“So I could shoot people.”

“Why did you have a TV in the truck? Why did you have a GPS?”

I’m thinking where is the love I felt from the auto folks.

Hopefully I’ll have the truck back tomorrow and eventually get a check for the contents.

I replaced the GPS yesterday. I missed that little guy talking to me all the time. 


Unknown said...

What did the Auto people say when you told them you had bolted down a 52 inch 1080i 120hz Samsung LCD in the back seat? :)

Ali said...

I absolutely feel your pain. I love it when insurance companies expect you to have receipts for shit that you bought 5 years ago. Like you knew that particular item would get stolen at some point, so you had better have kept a receipt somewhere!
And where are you supposed to keep these receipts for everything you own? In your house? What if it burns down? Then you're just out everything?
Then do you need to get a safety deposit box at the bank? Who's going to pay for that? Them?

Ooookay - enough ranting from me. All I wanted to say was that I feel your pain. So, really, I guess I could have just left my very first line as my comment...um...

Chris said...

HA HA, I loved the answer "SO I can shoot people".

I mean really, why else do people carry those things?

P.S. I hate receipts.

MELackey said...

now you get to go out and buy a new gun... I'm partial to the S&W 637 Airweight and also have a Kel-Tec .32, but a friend carries a Kahr 9mm semi-auto that is quite small also.

Both are easily concealed in your front pocket.

Isn't it hilarious that some people are just baffled why anyone would have a gun in their car or in their pocket?

Ken said...

I new there would be a problem....
your falling for your GPS, huh?

I see a future full of, lost people.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I think I'm going to get the Kel-Tec 380. 7.2 OZ

Yes...I'm head over hills in love with my GPS. I loaded all the old custom POIs on my new GPS that I had written for the old one.

CarmenSinCity said...

Nice move on getting the safe. Brilliant!

mr zig said...

so, what kinda gun are you gonna buy next? ;)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I think the Kel-Tec 380. It's light and powerful.