In a Fortnight

For us here in NC the winter has been on the cold side. I’ve seen worse like the winter of ’77. Back then I was living (and most of you reading weren’t living or still shitting green) in the NC mountains and we hit below zero many nights that winter.

The following spring I ventured down to Panama City Florida for Spring Break and got my first taste of blue green clear salt water and white sandy beaches. I knew then at some point in my life that beaches like this should be part of my life.

In two weeks to the day I make my annual pilgrimage to my favorite island of St Croix for an early peek of warm weather. I mentally tell myself on the return that that spring is only 6 weeks away. That usually ends up being a lie.

This year we are staying at a villa that frankly is the place that vacation postcards are made of. This house is about 6,000 square feet under roof on the side of a cliff overlooking the south shore of the island. One level down is an expansive pool perched out from the hillside. There is as much outdoor living as there is indoor living.     

There is only one house above us and that house belongs to The Contessa.

Today while on the road to Georgia I’ll day dream about the trip.

Oh the anticipation. 


Kuckie said...

Oh, the jealousy!!! :)

terri said...

Maybe you could send me a post card from your picture perfect surroundings?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Absolutely Terri. And a few videos.

Judy said...

Lets take pictures of us sitting in those chairs and post in while we are there!!!