This and That.....

I feel like Crabby Appleton this morning. We have snow and I’m tossing deicer everywhere. I don’t think it will be a bad one, but Duke and Abby hate slick surfaces so that’s why I’m tossing the deicer on the deck.

Today I’ll have to endure the insults of all my northern friends talking about how it snowed this much in their bathroom back up in Turnbuckle, Montana. I don’t care and I don’t believe you. I see the news where Yankee folks are wrecking your cars in the snow just like us and hanging out in airports pining about this and that because of snow. Bullshit! Snow is snow and it is cold and slick where ever it falls.

I have noticed from observing Facebook and your blogs that a lot of you people are over achievers out there and you’re making me look bad. For goodness sakes would you just sit down and sulk all winter like I do?  

We pulled the mission to South Georgia today and have rescheduled the trip for Saturday. Good. I would rather drive my pickup for that long of trip.

I have settled with Allstate for the break-in from the 10th.

Did you know a GPS is not covered? She explained to me twice that it was because it was powered by the car and it was for navigational purposes only.

“Yes, but it was stolen like my other stuff.”

“Yes sir but again because it was powered by the car and it was for navigational purposes only it is excluded.”



Ali said...

As someone who lives with snow far too long every year, I can attest that yes, even a dusting of snow can be deadly.
About the gps...does that mean you can claim it on your vehicle insurance claim then?

mr zig said...

don't worry, I'm not being an achiever... hehe

Michael said...

The first thing you should do when you get your truck back is drill a hole in the dash. Then, if your new GPS gets stolen, you can say it was bolted down, therefore, part of the vehicle.

Maybe you could mount a gun too ;)

Chris said...

I hate snow almost as much as Sassy hates being a horse.

I say we all move away to a nice warm beach somewhere.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'm going to be made whole. The gun new is $725 and I paid $250. Guns don't depreciate. The replacement is going to cost around $300. This will cover the $250 deductible.

Total contents $1350 plus $1000 damage to the truck. I think they are screwing the Insurance company but they are owned by Allstate.

I bet the thief got $100 and another fix for my $2350 worth of trouble. Assuming a fix goes for $100.

terri said...

I am sulking. Trust me. I researched desk lights for SAD today. Sulky enough for ya?