Are We Peaking Yet?

Today is a holiday for me. I’ll go into work casually dressed and catch up on some paperwork. Then I’ll get in a workout, lunch, nap and relax.

Tomorrow I take the FIL to South Georgia to spend time with his son until the sun burns out.

I was planning to rent a car because the truck is getting a two week door lock overhaul but decided I’d keep the $200 in my pocket and drive the Jeep instead.

It will be fun going down I-95 in a high geared glorified go-cart with a tent for a roof.

I’m kind of squeamish about car companies anyway after the Enterprise affair last summer. I don’t trust a car company as far as I can throw them. They lie about rates and deals and bullshit on you reservation. You never know what kind of car you are actually getting. So $69 a day for an economy car times two plus $42 in taxes will be spent in St Croix in a few weeks thank you. 


Rock Chef said...

Yes, I have heard some odd stories about car rentals...

Have a great time!

Jay said...

I know soooo many people who have had all kinds of crazy trouble with car rentals, but I've never had any. It's kinda weird really. I don't know why I haven't had an troubles myself. Hell, I didn't even have any trouble with the car rental people in Vegas, and I've heard all kinds of nightmare stories about that place.

I'm sure I'll get my turn with them someday though.

MELackey said...

we've got 2 minivans reserved at LAX for our Disneyland trip next month. Hopefully there are no problems... BUT, based on your experiences, I will snap some before and after photos of both vans to help in case problems arise.

terri said...

How can it be a holiday for you and yet you went in to work? I had to work today. Rush hour was non-existant and I had my pick of spots in the parking ramp.

I agree. Good call not renting a car. Take Timmy. Or Testicules. Or Big Red. (What are you calling him these days?)

Only a few weeks until St. Croix??? Have you decided whether or not you'll blog from the island? Was it last year that you didn't? No pressure or anything, but that was kind of hard on us, your loyal readers (ok, me.) You know we want to vacation vicariously through you!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Absolutely I will blog from St Croix. We have broad band at our villa.

It was a relaxed day on my terms so I felt at ease and not stressed as a normal work day.

It's Testicules and I have decide to drive Saturday since we are supposed to get a snow dump tonight. 5 inches in Midland?

I'll have videos Terri... you know that. I always share the vacation.

Anonymous said...

So, will the son burn out first? Or the sun? It's a toss up, but I think the son will burn out first, personally.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Wrandi you are the only one who caught that. Sometimes I am a deeper read than most think.