Comfort Food

Last evening it was rainy and raw with gusty winds.  I called Gigi from my commute home and suggested it was a nice evening for hamburger and onions.  

Hamburger (ground chuck 93% lean) and onions is a little more than it sounds, but that is the basic ingredients. We cook it all until it is brown and caramelized, and season the heck out of it with garlic, pepper, oregano, and whatever else we can think of.   

After an hour or so we’ll spoon out a bowl and top it with cheese or sour cream (I like some hot sauce) and then settle in to some good warm eating. No veggie and no bread, just all the goodness rendered in that bowl. It is a winter time treat.

Tonight the leftovers will make on hell of a beef and mushroom pizza.

I am stoked about Sunday for it will be a meat fest. I’m cooking wings with hickory wood, a whole chicken and a boneless leg of lamb on the rotisserie with apple wood, and then two flank steaks back on the hickory grill.

This will be the final big tailgate of the season so we are bringing out our best stuff.

The final tailgate will be Christmas Eve and likely will be a Hot Dog event with homemade chili. 

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Rock Chef said...

That burger and onion meal sounds great!

We are having hotdogs tomorrow, so I will see if I have time and energy to make some more chilidog sauce. If not I will have saurkraut.

Unknown said...

Hotdogs on Christmas Eve...some people really DO have it all....

terri said...

Hamburger and onions - sounds like something I would like. With cheese AND sour cream AND hot sauce.

Judy said...

So is the hamburger in patties or is it crumbled. Sounds like it is crumbled.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...