Please Don't Hate Me

This is work I promise.

I have to drive 4 hours tomorrow to the coast where we have a meeting with 50 plus folks of the Bull Shitters Bourbon Sipping Society. It is our 100th meeting.  

There will be bourbon, 2 bushels of fresh NC oysters, live music, low country boil and good times.

Most are friends, a few clients and maybe a few new customers. I gotta work the crowd.

Latest stats from the last 99 BSBSS meetings:

Different Bourbons:  70

Most Sipped:  Woodford Reserve   7X

Special Sip (20 Sippers):  Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 23yrs Old (95.7 Proof)

House Brand:  Makers Mark

Manhatten Brand:  Jim Beam

Best Mixed Sip:  Bourban, Ice, & Glass

Best Ladies Mixed Sip:  Bourbon, Ice, H2O, & Glass

Best Southern/Dixie/Redneck Mixed Sip:  Sun Drop, Bourbon, Ice, & Glass

Tidbits:  Jim Bowers brings his own Scotch

             Sy Schaffler, "Little" Tommy Polo, 9X9 Ben "The Book" D'Addario--Beer

             Dave Young has a chilled bottle of Grey Goose e/w stainless martini glass

             George Salchert & John Carroll both have to leave for cocktails with their wives @ 5:00 PM

             Bland Clarkeeeeee is required to leave by 5:50 PM to make it home by 6:00 PM

             Paul Hursh doesn't walk any different after 2 hrs. of sippin'

             Kathy Marks is our professional Manhatten bartender.

             Anita Stevens turns John Carroll into an eating machine when she brings liverwurst, onions, mustard, & bread.

             Geroge Berts has been converted to Dixie drinking & always brings Sun Drop Regular & Diet.

After the meeting I'll head to the RV and overnight. Then back home Saturday Morning. 

My clients are my friends. Life is truly good and I am blessed.

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terri said...

I'm not much for bourbon, but the rest of it sounds absolutely fabulous. Have fun!

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a great event to me! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

All you need now is Robert Mitchum...

Ken said...

I must have shrimp.

Bruno said...

Bless you wReggie

After the disturbing experience of looking at Phfrankie's daily communicia I was rewarded with a refreshing slap of normality. Thank-you for the picture. Seafood bake, bourbon, more bake, more bourbon and lots of friends. Now thats normal stuff. Have phfun, eat lots, drink more.