Stuff I Want to Do in 2012

Get my Padi Rescue Certification and get my Padi Nitrox Certification. Then learn to side mount dive with two tanks.

Launch my weather balloon to space.

Go to St Croix two or more times. Dive, dive, dive.

Go back to San Francisco with Gigi. Go back to Phoenix with Gigi.

Spend more time in Southport and Jekyll.

Learn to master my Weber smoker.  

Rebuild my deck. The deck needs a new surface and I want a more customized man space cooking area. I think I can do this myself.

Buy and install a new Jeep Roof.

Buy Gigi and new car.

Take a road trip with the guys to a football game. 

Play a little more golf. 

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Ken said...

Maybe a non-skid, heated for ice removal, deck surface is what you need.

Unknown said...

What about a hotdog stand?

terri said...

Lots of fun plans there! Hope you accomplish them all!