You Knew I Couldn't Wait

Slabs of pork ribs all covered in a dry rub. 15 pounds to be exact. I tried and tried but couldn't remove the membrane on that one side. It looks easy on YouTube.

The smoker coming up to speed. I used the Minion Method of lighting the fire.

Dead on 200....I throttle back on the air intake. Now shes at 225 for the last hour and fifteen minutes. Notice the nice Carolina Blue sky on the reflection.

I figure these babies will cook at least 5 hours.

Okay...three and a half hours and the temp has never exceeded 245. The deck has the nice smell of pork and apple wood smoke. I took a peek at the firebox and about half of the charcoal is ignited burning from the center outward. There is still plenty of water in the bowl. And the ribs ....they are something you dream about.

This smoker is really engineered well.

They were good but not great. This cooking method is a bit of an acquired art. They were dry and I should have taken them off 90 minutes earlier. If I bought these ribs in a restaurant, I would have complained.

Live and learn.

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terri said...

Bummer! All that time and effort for not great ribs. You'll get it figured out for next time.