Goodbye Old Friend

My first generation iPod Touch died in action Christmas Eve. It was toward the end of the tailgate and it just went silent. Efforts to reboot failed and it was pronounced dead later that afternoon. 

That old iPod was a Christmas gift from Gigi years ago, and it alone led me down the slippery slope of Apple gadgets. 

It was so cutting edge….it had apps and wifi. I could send and receive email….surf the web.

It made it down to St Croix numerous times before taking a back seat to my iPhone.  

The iPod led to the iPhone and the iPhone led to the iPad. Before I knew it I was hooked on Mac. 

I daydream about all the future Apple gadgets and it all started with an iPod. 

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terri said...

Rest in peace, dear iPod Touch.

I love mine. I haven't given it up since getting the iPhone. Like you, my iPod feels like an old friend and I'm not willing to give it up.

Unknown said...

I'll comment on your blog if you'll comment on mine.

Peach Pod said...

My old school 1st generation iPod died 2weeks ago. May it rest in peace.