It wasn’t Safe in the Water

I had stopped by a small beach on typical black water river that I often see in Eastern NC. The water runs very still and it is clear yet black in appearance from all the tannic acid left by rotting vegetation. It sounds nasty but black water rivers are beautiful to me.

On the beach were planks supported by poles. It looked strange.

Way over on the far bank was a group of juvenile alligators sunning in the mid day warmth.  

A friend and I were standing at the waters edge when out of nowhere small silver fish began to jump on land. They were followed by large mature flounder that were literally walking on what appeared to be crude chicken type legs.

The flounder started gobbling up the fish and snapping at us. I was instructed to get up on the planks for safety because a flounder can deliver a nasty bite.

In just a few moments the alligators joined in the carnage. We watched the bizarre scene from the platforms in amazement of what we were witnessing.

Wow! Two nights in a row of very vivid dreams. 

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Ken said...

The Walking Flounders would be.......

you know.

terri said...

You DO have some wild dreams. I love to hear about them because I can rarely remember my own dreams.

Unknown said...

In the future, all legs will be chicken-like.

Bruno said...

Ok. The first one I liked, but if I had the flounder/chicken leg dream, I'd start drinking again, that morning. Hopefully your not going to dream about mermaid clowns with turkey wattles tonight.