Sick Dreams

I woke up Sunday with a fairly nasty sore throat, so that put a stop to the diving plans. Overnight the cold intensified and that set the stage for some darn good dreams.

By some strange circumstance I had been chosen to be President Obamas chief assistant. I was at his side constantly watching his back and offering advice.

I remember the protocol....yes Mr. President, no Mr. President. That would be a good idea sir.

All the while my skin was crawling because I can't stand the man personally, but I had a duty to uphold that I did to my best ability. I respect the office and all it stands for.

Damn stressful night it was.

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Unknown said...

I occasionally wonder about the Secret Service people who are sworn to protect the prez. Will they do it even if they hate the guy's guts and disagree with him completely on every subject?

Ken said...

I just won dinner with Obama and the White House. Being vetted now, dinner on the 4th of January.

I'll let him know you dream about serving him.

Alyssa said...

:) I wish blogger had a like button.

Rock Chef said...

I would call that a nightmare!